Turf Remediation Ad Hoc Committee

Anthem Country Club Community Association has been challenged with the unfortunately necessary task of reducing the amount of turf within the community as well as refreshing the landscape pallet in order to comply with recently passed legislation and regulations as mandated by the State of Nevada, the city of Henderson and the Southern Nevada Water Authority. As such, the ACCCA Board of Directors has authorized the establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee to be established on or before March 23, 2022 in accordance with the Charter which was approved by the Board on February 23, 2022.
The Ad Hoc Committee will develop a comprehensive plan for execution over the years 2022-2026. The plan must be developed to maintain the position of ACCCA as one of the most preeminent locations to reside in the Las Vegas valley. The plan must also include a projected financial impact to the residents in ACCCA over the years of execution.
The Ad Hoc Committee will work with ACCCA Management to present to the Board a comprehensive plan for the removal of turf and suitable conversion to compliant standards for areas where non-compliant turf currently exists in order to minimize the imposition of fines from the regulatory authorities. This will include a meeting with the regulatory authorities to brief them on the approach that ACCCA is taking to meet current requirements. 
The Ad Hoc Committee has been postponed indefinitely. 
Turf Remediation Ad Hoc Committee agenda and minutes.
Please feel free to view the presentation and the Master Plan for the next phase of this project.
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Turf Remediation Plans
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