Anthem Country Club currently uses the DwellingLIVE system to enable access through the front entry at the gatehouse. DwellingLIVE lets you add temporary and permanent visitors to your guest list, create a guest list for a party, or create a restricted access visitor list. You can also view guest history and create directions for your visitors. You must register for DwellingLIVE before first use.
Getting started:
Download the “DwellingLIVE” app through your smart phone’s app store, or visit the DwellingLIVE website on a browser. From here, you can register your account on your first visit, or enter your username and password on each return visit.
IF THE DWELLING LIVE WEBSITE OR APP IS DOWN, you can call the gatehouse (702-270-9222) to add someone to your entry list.
[Further instructions on how to add a temporary guest, tradesperson, or vendor, or how to add someone permanently to your guest list, will be added here.]

If you are having a party of ten or more guests, you may use the E-Pass function on your DwellingLIVE account. This will allow you to e-mail or text your guests an E-pass for entry at the gate. The E-Pass will only allow a one-time entry for the guest.